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Award Type
Type of Award given, such as Snoopy, Honoree, Management, Team, Flight Safety, or Local Award.

Last Name
Last Name of Awardee.

First Name
First Name of Awardee.

Name of Event awardee attended, such as, 20th Anniversary.

The NASA Center the awardee is affiliated with.

Employer Name or Company Name of the Awardee.

Presented By
Name of the person or (for Snoopy Award) Astronaut who presented the Award

Date Presented
Date on which the Award was presented.
Note: If you are searching a record enter the Start Date and End Date for a range of dates or just enter the Start Date if you know the Award presented Date.

Mission Pin
Silver Snoopy Pin awardee received for a Silver Snoopy Award, such as, STS-127.

Awards received after December 31, 2014.

Awards received prior to December 31, 2014.

All Awardees in database.

Nominating Organization
Name of Organization that nominated awardee.

Organization awardee is affiliated with.